Short & Low Top Walking Boots

Much like the high-top walking boot, our collection of low-top walking boots offer immobilization of the ankle, only with a lower profile.

The smaller variation of this boot is ideal for stabilizing areas in the lower part of the leg, as well as in the ankle and foot. While commonly used for rehabilitation and post-injury conditions, low-top braces are also ideal for ankle sprains, forefoot fractures, midfoot fractures, and foot/leg injuries.

Our collection at SportsBraces offers models from the top brands in sport bracing, including Swede-O, Bledsoe, and ProCare. Designed with comfort in mind, these high-top ankle braces have inner cushioning that makes them easy to wear day in and day out. Their durable outer shells provide maximum protection while maintaining a lightweight profile, with many of the styles offering rocker designs to encourage normal gait.

Enjoy adjustable options for wider foot bases and ample room for dressings, sleeves, and socks. A swift recovery is on its way with a brace from SportsBraces!