Fabric Hinged Knee Braces

If you’re looking for the comfort of a soft support with the strength of a hinged frame, then a fabric hinged knee brace might be perfect for you! This collection offered from SportsBraces provides options with soft exteriors, while incorporating supportive hinges in the interior.

Fabrics we offer in this style include neoprene, elastic, and exotic materials, which are ideal for flexibility and breathability that won’t impede your daily activities. Although lightweight and discreet, these materials are durable and form-fitting, to offer quality compression and protection.

Braces in this category are available in adjustable or non-adjustable styles, with non-adjustable models offering quality stabilization and protection of the knee joint. Adjustable hinges are ideal for knee rehabilitation, making it easier for patients to control hyperextension as the area heals.

Some of the ailments that are ideally treated by a brace of this design include instability of the knee, osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, and tracking difficulties. Wearers can enjoy increased activity and improved knee joint function with the comfort and security of a fabric hinged knee brace today!