Elastic Knee Support Braces

At SportsBraces, we know the importance of choosing a brace that is just as comfortable as it is effective. Our elastic knee braces are made with lightweight, breathable materials that make it easy to perform daily activities with both the protection and comfort that you seek.

Our elastic knee supports are thin and discreet, so wearers can easily slip them underneath sports gear or everyday wear without a hitch. Choose from our wide selection of trusted brand names, including MedSpec, Bauerfeind, and DonJoy, and enjoy a simplistic brace style that is easy to apply and remove throughout the day.

Some of the common indications of our elastic knee braces include medial/lateral instabilities, dislocations, MCL/LCL sprains, maltracking, and patellar tendonitis. These supports are well-known for quality compression, which encourages circulation, warmth, and increased stability. They’re also ideal for relieving pressure on the patella, and the covered patella feature reduces the chance for window edema.

Choose from more than 50 elastic braces for the knee at SportsBraces today!