Custom Fit Knee Braces

When it comes to your knee brace, you’ll want the perfect fit to ensure you’re getting the support you need. Our custom fit knee braces are designed to conform with your knee intimately, resulting in the highest level of protection and comfort you can find.

Our custom supports are available in a variety of models, to ensure that each individual is able to find a brace that meets their specific needs. Choose from custom arthritis knee braces, ligament knee supports, standard shapes, and even women’s fusion knee braces.

To ensure a custom fit, each support is created with the wearer’s exact measurements, and hinges can be altered to find that perfect positioning. Each of the styles is extremely low-profile, ensuring a comfortable fit that doesn’t impede daily activities.

Some indications of our custom fit supports include knee instabilities, osteoarthritis and post-operative rehabilitation. Whether you need extra support for your sports, rehab or everyday activities, our options are ideal for everyone including active, sedentary, and adolescent individuals.