Why You Should Try Our Drop Foot Braces

Why You Should Try Our Drop Foot Braces

Our collection of braces caters to all kinds of requirements, abnormalities, injuries, and conditions. Individuals who are experiencing drop foot are no exception, and we offer a wide range of braces to help aid in the relief of this condition.

‘Drop foot’ or ‘foot drop’ is a gait abnormality where the individual has no control or strength in the foot.  A healthy ankle can be held out straight and support the weight of the body, but an individual with drop foot has no control of the ankle and suffers from weakness of the area. This often impedes even the simplest of actions – including walking and sitting comfortably.

This condition can occur as a result of many things, including paralysis of the front portion of the lower leg or irritation or damage to the sciatic nerve. It is not a disease in itself, but is usually the sign of a larger problem in the body.


Drop Foot Braces

Braces for these symptoms are available in a wide range of designs that help to hold the foot in a comfortable position during the day or through the night. Our collection of foot drop braces offers comfortable solutions for those suffering with this condition. If you’re wondering whether a brace is something that would work for you, consider these reasons why our bracing options might be right for you:

Wide Range of Designs

There is never a ‘one design fits all’ option at SportsBraces, and individuals can browse a wide range of materials and shapes to find the fit that is right for them. Choose from soft or hard shells, foam materials, Velcro straps, and more that will mold to your feet and offer full protection. 

Day and Night Braces


Individuals who find drop foot especially uncomfortable in the morning have a range of choices for night splints. These braces ensure that the foot stays in a neutral, flat position throughout the night and help to reduce the pain and discomfort often felt in the morning.

Those who do not wear a brace during the night are losing out on valuable time when they could be strengthening their muscles and reducing the symptoms of the condition. It is important to apply support and stability to these kinds of ailments during sleep, as that is when the feet tend to relax and lose their muscle strength.

These braces work to offer a prolonged stretch throughout the night, specifically to the plantar fascia and the Achilles tendon.


No two individuals are the same, and having adjustability in our braces allows for patients to find the perfect position for them. Many of the braces available have a range of adjustable degrees for both plantar flexion and dorsiflexion.

Straps can be adjusted to lift or lower the foot, to tighten or loosen the fit and to reduce inversion and eversion of the area, as well. Adjustability ensures that an individual will find comfort throughout the process of their drop foot and well into the healing process.

Other Conditions

Our braces meant for drop foot can accommodate a variety of other injuries and conditions, so they can easily be re-used or purchased for other ailments. Some of the other conditions that can be relieved with our braces include Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, muscle tightening, and plantar fasciitis.


When it comes to sleeping, being comfortable is most important. Those suffering with injuries like drop foot often rely on bracing to relieve pain, but a brace that is uncomfortable can be hard to wear throughout the night.

At SportBraces, our braces are made with comfortable padding from top to bottom. This ensures that the base of the foot is supported during regular activity while the ankle, sensitive ankle bone and lower leg are also comfortable in horizontal positions.

You should also try one of our drop foot braces because of their breathability. Braces that are heavy and closed-in cause the area to heat, sweat, and rub uncomfortably during activity. Braces without quality materials can often cause further injury, including sores and hot spots.

With our braces, individuals can enjoy cool, breathable materials such as foam and CoolFlex that repel heat and discomfort. Light, low-profile designs also ensure that individuals can enjoy a full range of movement without having to lug around a heavy brace.


If you are suffering from any of these conditions, wearing a foot drop brace may be a good solution for you. Consult with your doctor about the benefits of wearing these braces, and be sure to do your research on each model to help you find the design that is ideal for your individual needs.

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