What is an ASO Ankle Brace and Why Should I Try One?

What is an ASO Ankle Brace and Why Should I Try One?

ASO ankle braces are well-known products that have been helping people with their bracing needs for years. The term ASO stands for ‘ankle stabilization orthosis,’ and these products provide some of the best support, durability, and comfort when it comes to ankle injuries, ailments, and discomforts.

These ankle braces are the first recommendation from many sports medicine doctors, based on the quality of the braces and their ability to help prevent and/or treat ankle injuries. Some of the most common ankle problems that require an ASO ankle brace include high ankle sprains and strains, subtalar joint instabilities, and ankle/foot joint injuries.

If you’re considering investing in an ASO ankle brace, these are the features that will help you decide whether you’d like to try this brand.

Low Profile Design

When you have an injury, the last thing you want to worry about is added discomfort from a cast or brace. When it comes to ASO, the braces are designed with extremely low-profile designs that can easily fit into any casual or athletic shoe.

This design ensures that individuals’ performances is not affected in any way, and that full support and protection are provided without any discomfort. Full range of motion is also possible with these designs, so you can count on your ankle brace whether you’re gardening, hiking, or playing a sport.

Bilateral Design

Oftentimes braces are designed to only fit your left or right foot. While this is necessary in some designs and conditions, the ASO ankle brace offers bilateral capabilities so that you can wear it on either your left or your right ankle.

This feature ensures that you can use and re-use the brace over and over again, regardless of which ankle you’re having problems with. The durable design ensures long-term use that greatly outweighs the initial investment.

Stabilizing Straps

When you wear an ASO ankle brace, you’re not just getting support in one specific direction or area. The ballistic nylon straps replicate ‘figure-eight’ taping practices that help to further stabilize and protect from issues like inversion and eversion ankle motions.

The straps also help to stabilize ankles that tend to lean in a pronated or supinated stance, as well as providing stability to those individuals that struggle with plantar flexion and dorsiflexion.

Ballistic Nylon Boot

The nylon base of the ASO ankle brace increases the strength of the boot, as well as its longevity. Even if you’re wearing your brace day in and day out, you’ll notice that the durable material never breaks down and continues to offer full support around the heel and ankle. This is a long-lasting material that will provide protection and support for years to come.

Easy Lace Closure

aso brace on foot

Even if you’re always on-the-go, you’ll never have any problems getting into or out of an ASO ankle brace. The simple design is equipped with basic laces and straps for a model that offers full protection without any unnecessary bells and whistles.

The straightforward design also makes the ASO ankle brace easy for children and teenagers to maneuver, which means they’ll be able to apply their own bracing with no problems.

Some designs also come equipped with ‘speed lacers’ that make application even easier for those who might struggle with small objects and tying. The speed lacers are two sets of laces that come to an end in two handheld tabs, then tightly wrap around the brace and attach near the back.


The durable yet light material that makes up the ASO ankle brace ensures the wearer remains comfortable all-day long. Braces that lack breathability are prone to causing hot spots and blisters, which can mean immense discomfort and poorer performance.

With the ASO brace, performance is never diminished, and the foot will remain dry and comfortable from start to finish.

Full Protection

ASO Ankle Brace

While some wearers choose the ASO ankle braces for their existing injuries, others may choose to wear them as a means of injury prevention. Because of their neutral shape and fit, anyone can wear these braces for everyday activities or sports and enjoy greater coverage and protection from potential injury.


Braces from ASO work to prevent ankle sprains/strains, decrease ankle pain symptoms, improve ankle joint function, and maintain ankle joint flexibility. Whether you are nursing an old injury, treating a current injury or just looking for overall protection, there is an ASO ankle brace for you.

Consider speaking to your doctor or sports doctor ahead of time to ensure that you’re investing in the right ankle brace for your needs and conditions.

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