The Best Knee Braces for Arthritis

The Best Knee Braces for Arthritis

Few things in this world are as crippling as bad knees. As we get older, the wear and tear of our daily lives eventually take their toll. Arthritis in the knees is one of the many ways we have to pay the piper for being so active. 

Arthritis can be a crippling affliction that puts even the greatest of athletes out of commission. When this condition reaches the knee area, it can make everyday movements extremely painful. From running to riding a bicycle, all the way down to walking, arthritis does not show prejudice when it wants to slow you down. 

But fear not! Thanks to several breakthroughs in the field of sports and recovery equipment, there are many knee braces that can help alleviate the sharp, constant pain of arthritis. Here are a few examples that can get you off the couch and back into action.

Functional Knee Braces

Elastic knee braces are flexible, holding the knee tightly in place through compression and well-placed padding. The padding provides extra support to vital areas of the knee, such as the patella, while the compression helps to increase blood flow to the areas that need it. 

This form of knee brace is optimal for regular, everyday usage, as it can often be worn underneath clothing without being noticed. For this reason, they are very popular amongst pro athletes looking to give their tired knees a break. The braces help reduce pain while still allowing mobility and full range of motion without any restrictions to this area. 

Functional knee braces are best suited for alleviating arthritic pain, as well as sprains and strains to a knee ligament or tendon. They can help with swelling and joint stabilization and allow the wearer to have a full range of motion, thus keeping him or her fully active with reduced pain. These braces are also suitable to wear before and after a knee operation. The stabilization and compression can help to expedite the healing process, as well as prevent an injury or re-injury. 

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Post Op Knee Braces

Post-operative knee braces are often constructed out of metal or carbon fiber. Unlike many functional knee braces, these are usually noticeable when a person is wearing one. Another distinction between the two us that these braces are fitted for the wearer, while most functional braces can fit a person’s knee without any specific fittings. 

Post op knee braces are ideal after a person has undergone surgery to repair significant ligament damage. For example, if you just went under the knife to repair a torn ACL, you will likely be fitted with a rehabilitative knee brace made specifically for your leg.

They do wonders for arthritic pain and for most types of knee injury rehab by limiting any harmful movements. These braces do not allow for as much range of motion as functional braces do, for they are geared towards more serious levels of arthritis and knee injuries. This lack of mobility makes it more difficult to walk and run as you normally would, but it can greatly reduce your risk of further injuring your knee. It is worth it in the end, as it is always better to invest in your long-term health, even if it might be slightly inconvenient or uncomfortable in the interim.

Don’t Tough It Out

When it comes to knee injuries, it is no time to be a hero. Arthritic pain can get worse and worse if you do not take the necessary precautions to alleviate daily pain in this area. It is up to you to come to grips with the fact that you cannot face this pain without any sort of assistance.

Knee braces can help to soften the blow caused by arthritis, as well as other serious knee injuries like sprains, strains and tears. Depending on the severity of the injury, degree of pain and various surgery details, there is a functional or post-op brace for you. Through increased support, compression and concentrated padding, arthritis can take a back seat when it comes time to be active again. With a good knee brace, you don’t have to play through the pain anymore.

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