The Benefits of Wearing a Waterproof Ankle Brace

The Benefits of Wearing a Waterproof Ankle Brace

When it comes to wearing a brace, we are all looking for something very specific to our needs. Oftentimes we need basic braces to protect us from potential injury; however, more specific ailments require options that are much more issue focused. Luckily, body braces have evolved over time, and now there are a wide range of characteristics to choose from. Some of these features include strategies for specific ailments, varying materials, gender-specific designs and more.

When it comes to the material side of body braces, our options are plenty. This is ideal, since many of us suffer from allergies, as well as sport-specific needs that require one material over another. Whether you need a brace for your ankle, back, or knee, you can find lots of material options such as latex-free, magnetic, and even neoprene-free. For those who need a brace that will endure a lot of liquid retention, a quality waterproof brace is the best way to go.

For those individuals looking for a waterproof ankle brace, there are lots of models to choose from. If you’re not sure if a waterproof brace is the best style choice for you, consider the benefits of this kind of material to help you make a more educated decision.

1. Made from Comfortable Materials

For the most part, waterproof objects are made from a material known as neoprene. This material offers a high level of compression that isn’t sacrificed even when it is submerged in water for long periods of time. This makes neoprene ideal for items like scuba suits, which need to maintain a tight, elastic consistency over years of being in the water.

Waterproof ankle braces are made with materials like neoprene that are thin and breathable, making them easy to wear in the water without weighing the wearer down. This is ideal for individuals such as swimmers who need to remain as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible.

A patented material by Bio Skin is available in braces like the Bio Skin Standard ankle skin w/strap, which offers a fitted, comfortable design. The result is a brace that has no effect on the performance of the wearer, except to efficiently protect the covered area.

Because waterproof braces are made with lightweight materials, they’re easy to put on and take off. They also allow skin to ventilate properly with moisture-wicking, knitted fabrics. Wearers won’t notice any extra heat or moisture build-up, and their skin will stay warm and dry from start to finish. Even after a long day, these comfortable materials are fast-drying and can easily be re-applied numerous times without difficulty.

2. Flexible Use

applying waterproof ankle brace

Because of their moisture-wicking capabilities, waterproof ankle braces are ideal for wearing in all kinds of situations and sports. While they are best for athletes who spend long periods of time in the water (swimmers, surfers, etc.), these ankle braces can also be worn by individuals who practice or train in outdoor conditions.

For example, football players who practice rain or shine will reap the benefits of a waterproof brace while someone who is training for a marathon will also be able to use the brace across all of their training environments. Regardless of the weather or location, these braces are ideal for keeping individuals safe and comfortable no matter where their training takes them.

 3. Maintains Fit

tan waterproof ankle brace

Braces that are waterproof are made to outlast exposure to water, which also makes them extremely durable and long-lasting. Their tight, compressed fit ensures that whether they’re dry or wet, they will not lose their elasticity and no spacing will occur between the ankle and the brace. When an ankle brace loosens, wearers run the risk of losing their initial compression and support. With a waterproof brace, the elastic material ensures that both the fit and the level of safety remain.

Additionally, waterproof ankle braces will not migrate, meaning they will stay in their position regardless of the environment. This is a critical feature of this type of brace, since braces that migrate are unable to protect the wearer properly. As a brace adjusts, it can also start to cause chaffing and hot spots on the skin, which can grow to be very painful over time. Wearers may even experience painful blisters that arise from the friction, so it’s important that a brace stays in its place.


Waterproof ankle braces have a lot of great benefits, including the ability to perform well in all kinds of outdoor conditions. Even if you’re not in the water on a regular basis, this brace is perfect for varying conditions and works well to protect and support your ankles regardless of the activities you take part in.

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