The Benefits of Water Proof Knee Braces

The Benefits of Water Proof Knee Braces

There are all kinds of sports knee braces on the market, and each design helps to better cater to all the needs and requirements of each wearer. While some people will be looking for a neoprene-free knee brace, others might be looking for an immobilizer, a post-op knee brace, or even a latex-free knee brace

One of the more unique types of knee braces in high demand are waterproof knee braces, which are ideal for a range of situations, sports, and activities. While not everyone thinks about this kind of feature when they’re searching for a brace for their knee, this design can be very beneficial to the wearer for a number of reasons.

If you’re thinking about investing in a waterproof knee brace, these are some of the most ideal benefits to their design. Consider these points to help you decide whether a waterproof design is something that you need for your daily activities.

Ideal for Water Sports


The most obvious benefit of a waterproof knee brace is that it will perform perfectly in water sports. Athletes such as swimmers, rowers, and surfers will find that these kinds of knee braces maintain their quality even when submerged, and that they will provide the most thorough protection and support even underwater.

Individuals who are often in the water should not wear a brace that isn’t waterproof. These braces are not built for submersion, and individuals may find that the brace becomes heavier and less capable of providing protection when subjected to water. Wearing a waterproof brace enhances the chances that individuals will stay safe and properly supported during their activities.

Doesn’t Rub on Skin

You might notice when you wear a regular knee brace that when it gets wet it tends to become uncomfortable. This is because the materials it is made from are not meant to become overly damp, aside from general perspiration.

When materials like this get too wet, the brace often becomes looser and starts to rub against the skin. The loosening creates spaces between the brace and the skin so that there is no longer a tight hold for the brace to latch onto. Individuals may experience chaffing, burning sensations, hot spots, and even painful blisters as a result.

With waterproof knee braces, it’s common that you’ll find extremely thin, lightweight materials like neoprene. This material hugs tightly to the body, offering a high level of compression and warmth that isn’t sacrificed when it becomes wet. There are many uses for neoprene because of its waterproof characteristics, including coolers, lunch bags, and scuba gear.

Can train outdoors

Whether you’re an avid runner, a football player, or a swimmer, being able to train outdoors can often be a luxury. Training outside adds another element to your preparation, including getting used to performing against the weather, experiencing a different terrain, and even normalizing yourself to different air qualities.

For those individuals who invest in a waterproof knee brace, the ability to train outdoors even in poor weather can be a huge advantage. Individuals will find that even in rainstorms, these braces will remain in their place regardless of the type of training they’re doing.

It’s also a benefit to be able to continue training regardless of what the weather decides to do during your outdoor session. Whether you start in the rain and finish in the sun or vice versa, a waterproof brace for the knee will dry out quickly no matter what mother nature throws at you. 

Won’t Migrate

woman running in a park in rain

As mentioned earlier, braces that are not waterproof begin to loosen when exposed to too much fluid. The main problem here is that the braces tend to rub on the skin, but after a while they may also be subject to migration.

Migration is when the brace starts to actually move away from the intended area, exposing the knee and creating the potential for injury. Those who aren’t diligent about their bracing may not even notice the migration at first, but it only takes a few seconds for a brace to move out of place and remove all means of protection.

A waterproof knee brace is essential if an individual is going to be exposed to water elements. This will ensure that the brace remains in its intended location, and that the wearer avoids potential injury or re-injury.


Keep your knees protected by investing in a brace that is ideal for your current activities. If you know that you’ll be exposed to lots of water, choosing a waterproof knee brace could be the difference between devastating injury and total success.