Product Spotlight: Magnetic Braces

Product Spotlight: Magnetic Braces

Tired of taking pain medications? Are you looking for a safe and natural alternative to relieve your pain without popping pills? Today, we’re going to cover an ancient natural pain-relief method that has no side effects and is relatively inexpensive.

Although magnetic therapy has been around for centuries, you may not have heard much about it until recently. Magnetic therapy makes a great addition to supportive braces due to its innate properties. Using magnetic therapy, we are able to enhance blood flow to areas in contact with the magnet. The increased blood flow brings plenty of nutrients and oxygen to the affected area. This is a massive benefit to anyone who is recovering from surgery, an injury and athletes who are in a constant state of tearing and rebuilding. 

While ice and heat are traditionally used to help recover from injuries, magnetic therapy actually provides a much more convenient solution to encourage blood flow. Ice and heat have to be used in short intervals which limit the therapeutic effect; magnets can be used without limitations, so you can expect a quicker result. Would you like to cut down on recovery time and avoid ice or heat? Check out some of our best products incorporating magnetic therapy:

BMMI Magnetic Elbow Support

The BMMI magnetic elbow support is a solid magnetic brace for those who struggle with elbow pain. The brace is a great choice for tennis players, golfers, weightlifters and any individual with a nagging or sore elbow. The brace encourages blood flow to the affected area, which helps soothe the joints, provide warmth and repair tissues. The BMMI magnetic elbow support also adds light compression which helps to counteract swelling that may occur with damaged and sore tissues. The brace has two magnetic fields for symmetrical support and is easy to maintain. The product can be hand-washed.

BMMI Flex Magnetic Back Pad

The BMMI flex magnetic back pad is a fantastic addition to our product line for anyone who deals with lower back pain. If you sit at a desk for 8 hours a day or more, you need this pad. The pad is made up of a large flexible concentric magnet which covers the lower back area. You can wear it under your clothing for all-day relief. The pad is clinically proven to reduce pain and improve circulation, which make it a great tool for a long day at the office.

Do you have a lower back injury that just won’t heal on its own? You may have a poor blood supply to the affected area. Try the BMMI flex magnetic back pad to help increase circulation to the area and should start healing much more rapidly. The pad is commonly used for sports injuries and chronic conditions.

BMMI Magnetic Universal Wrist Wrap

The BMMI magnetic universal wrist wrap is a lifesaver for wrist pain caused by repetitive movements such as typing, playing instruments and writing. The wrist wrap provides pain relief so you can continue with your regular activity. The minimalist design is very non-invasive, allowing freedom of motion. It is a very lightweight brace which is equipped with a concentric magnet that should lessen your wrist pain and speed up recovery. The wrap also provides light compression to minimize swelling, which is also a contributing factor to pain.

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BMMI Magnetic Mini Circle Pad - 2 Pack Magnetic and Velcro Strap

The BMMI magnetic circle pads are a perfect option for those areas where bracing would not be possible. You can use these pads just about anywhere to reap the benefits of magnetic therapy. Their small circular design makes them perfect for areas like the shoulders, upper back and the neck. Try these out when a brace is not an option.

BMMI Magnetic Therapy Car Seat Cushion

The BMMI magnetic therapy car seat cushion is the perfect option for individuals who commute to work. Sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to your core muscles and lower back. The lack of circulation causes us to be stiff after a long car ride. Using the BMMI magnetic therapy car seat cushion keeps blood flowing to those muscles and can lessen fatigue in your lower back after long trips.

Built with versatility in mind, its lightweight design keeps it portable. You can use it in your car, and then transfer it to your home also. Considering that it’s clinically proven to reduce pain and stiffness in your back and legs, this is one cushion you will never want to be without.

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