Our Best Knee Braces for Football Players

Our Best Knee Braces for Football Players

Football is a very physically-demanding sport, and most competitive leagues require players who are incredibly strong, fast, and resilient. For those players who experience injuries during their season, they are often ailments that require a lot of rehabilitation or a bench spot for the rest of the season.

Although being a part of a football team is a great opportunity for learning about teamwork, dedication, and character-building, football players sustain more injuries than any other sport. In 2007, more than 900,000 football players under the age of 18 visited emergency rooms and doctor’s offices for football-related injuries.

Injuries are common in this sport, mainly due to the fact that there is a great amount of speed and contact that occurs during every single play. Directional changes, hard falls, and poor landings are also very common causes of injuries in the sport, resulting in excessive overuse, concussions, and other traumatic injuries. The most common body part to attain an injury during football is the knee, with damage often being done to the anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments (ACL or PCL.)

In order to provide football players with some much-needed support and injury prevention, or to help protect previously-injured knees, the following are our best ankle and knee braces for football players.

Bio Skin Q Slip on Ultima Knee Brace

Knee brace for ACL injury

This knee brace for patella pain is ideal for those football players who are already experiencing some form of pain around the patella. The patella is the sturdy knee bone, which protects the knee joint and vulnerable areas underneath. Without a strong patella, other parts of the knee can become susceptible to injury or weakening.

To keep the patella moving within preferred boundaries, this knee brace offers multi-directional traction and flexibility. Athletes can utilize the T-strap design to control the movement of the patella medially, medial-superior or medial/inferior.

Wearing this kind of brace will not only help to keep the patella in its proper tracks, but it may also help to discourage migration, decrease existing pain, and improve the knee’s function. Ultimately this brace can help players to change direction and speed without the fear of the knee bone migrating.

Medi USA Genumedi Knee Support

The Medi USA Genumedi knee support offers optimal performance for football players, providing all-over compression of the knee and encouraging blood circulation. Designed with no-slip silicone inserts, this brace helps to keep the patella on its track and relieves any constriction or pressure in the area.

For those players that suffer from any sort of fluid build-up in the knee, the silicone inserts also help to absorb hematomas and edema, ensuring proper circulation of the area and proper blood flow.

This brace is ideal for players who suffer from stability issues, or who may feel uncomfortable levels of pressure in the front of back of the knee. By wearing the Genumedi knee support, players may experience improved balance during play, as well as an increased level of protection and stabilization of the ankle and Achilles as a result.

Medi USA Protect 4 Evo Ligament Knee Brace 

football quarterback

As mentioned, some of the most common football injuries include those that affect the anterior cruciate ligament and the posterior cruciate ligament. For those players that have experienced injuries to these areas, the Protect 4 Evo Ligament Knee Brace may be the solution while deciding on the next steps of recovery.

This functional ligament knee brace caters to all types of ailments and sizes, and offers both flexion and extension limitations at varying angles. These angles can be altered to suit the exact measurements or preferred positions of the wearer both during and outside of game play.

The limited range of motion in this knee brace ensures the protection of the injured areas, while also offering stabilization, reduced medial rotation and limitations of the tibial glide. Made with a comfortable, lightweight material, the brace is easily worn during play without sacrificing quality of performance. 

Those who are hoping to delay surgery and decrease pain symptoms may want to consider this knee brace that may offer protection of the area and pain relief from sustained injuries.

Breg ShortRunner Knee Brace

Football players are constantly changing direction and speeds in order to travel up and down the field to take on their competition. With both vertical and horizontal movements constantly being performed by players, having knee support from all angles is important to upholding an injury-free season.

The Breg ShortRunner knee brace is an ideal option for players who are looking for support and stability from all sides of the knee. This brace has a versatile design to cater to various instabilities, including those that occur medially and laterally. Designed with full flexion and extension control, players can manipulate the wraps and hinges to achieve the perfect positioning for their needs.

Available in a few different options, this brace can be purchased with neoprene-free material or neoprene, and players can choose from a wraparound design or a slip-on knee brace. Players who are looking for knee joint protection, improved joint function, or added stability will certainly benefit from this option.


It’s no surprise that knee injuries are common in football, which means you’ll have a lot of knee brace options to choose from. Before you purchase a knee brace, be sure to visit a sports doctor to be sure of your injuries or concerns and complete thorough research to find the brace that suits your needs best.

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