Hang 10! Shred Your Next Set with These Surfing Braces

Hang 10! Shred Your Next Set with These Surfing Braces

Records of the first surfers date back all the way to the 18th century, and the sport has continued to grow in popularity. Based on surfing statistics, there are more than 23 million people taking part in the sport of surfing worldwide, and more than 1 million people in the United States who surf at least once a year.

As with many sports, there is a certain level of danger that comes along with surfing. Whether it’s the skill level of the moves, the bed of the ocean or the size of the waves, danger lurks around every corner with this type of sport.

Many people take precautions when surfing by choosing to wear protective surfing gear such as ear plugs, helmets and protective footwear. Surfers may also decide to wear body braces to protect previous injuries or to offer protection from new ones.

If you’re a surfer looking for some direction in terms of protection, these quality surfing braces can help keep you out on the water and safe in the waves.

Donjoy Trizone Knee Brace

The knees work very hard for surfers; there is a lot of repetitive motion required to swim, climb up onto the board and maintain balance throughout the ride. With the strong impact of the waves and the constant motion of the water, the knees need to respond to the continual changes to avoid awkward pulls, tears and strains.

The Donjoy Trizone knee brace is an option that offers allover protection for the knee. Made from compression knit and silicone, the brace provides a lightweight profile that makes it easy for a surfer to perform without being hindered by their brace.

Wicked fibers offer a cooling effect to protect from overheating and chaffing, and the form-fitting design helps protect from the sprains, strains and general knee pain that are common in surfers.

Bio Skin Premium J Patellofemoral Knee Brace

overhead shot of man surfing

Surfers who are suffering from more serious knee injuries and instabilities might want to try the Bio Skin Premium J Patellofemoral knee brace. This quality brace is designed with a buttress on the outside of the patella that helps to prevent potential dislocations while surfing.

Two elastic straps cross over the kneecap, helping to keep the patella in its designed track and reduce any existing pain. Any surfer who suffers from patellar subluxation or lateral patella tension will definitely benefit from a form-fitting knee brace like this one.

MedSpec Back-n-Shape II Back Brace

One of the most common injuries in surfing pertains to the back area; this should come as no surprise because a considerable amount of torque and force from the water forces athletes to use their back muscles to stay balanced.  

The MedSpec Back-n-Shape II back brace offers a high level of lumbar support to surfers, designed with elastic double-side pulls for extra protection. The low-profile design makes it ideal for wearing over or under surf gear, and an added pocket makes room for a thermoplastic insert when needed.

This surfing brace is ideal for improving back mobility and function, and is an ideal solution for athletes who struggle with lower back pain in the water.

Bio Skin Standard Ankle Skin w/ Strap

Ankle stabilities can be a huge problem for surfers, since they’re a critical component of staying on the surfboard and maintaining balance. Weak ankles are much more likely to have too much give, and surfers who need some extra support might benefit from a brace like this one.

The Bio Skin standard ankle skin w/ strap helps with ankle instabilities, arthritis, tendonitis and foot and ankle contusions. The figure-8 wrap design is ideal for adding extra support and stability to the area; the low-profile makes it easy to slide on and perform in.

Bio Skin Compression Shorts w/ Groin Wrap

surfing with compression shorts

A tight or sore groin can mean disaster for a surfer; sitting on the surfboard, getting up to ride the wave and maintaining a low stance can be difficult with groin pain.

Bio Skin compression shorts w/ groin wrap brace are ideal because they can provide extra warmth and compression to the hip flexors and hamstrings — and might also help to prevent groin pulls.

The shorts are a favorite of extreme athletes to prevent injury and improve muscle function. Surfers can easily apply and remove them, and individuals struggling with quad contusions, thigh strains and hip flexor strains can also benefit from wearing them.


Surfing is a fun activity, but it can also be very dangerous. Protecting yourself from the potential dangers is important to enjoying a full season in the waves. If you’re experiencing pain while you surf, consider investing in a lightweight, quality brace.

Depending on the area of trouble, you can easily find a brace that will suit your specific injury or prevention needs.

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