Ankle and Knee Supports for Volleyball Players

Ankle and Knee Supports for Volleyball Players

If there is one area of the body that the sport of volleyball is hard on, it’s the lower body. Specifically, volleyball puts tremendous stress on ankle and knee joints through constant diving, lunging, squatting and jumping. For these reasons, all successful volleyball players take care of their ankles and knees.

Stretching and proper exercise are two of the most established ways to take care of these areas. However, equipment can also play a part in keeping volleyball players at the top of their game without the threat of a serious injury. Here are a few notable products for volleyball players. 

Ankle Brace 

An ankle brace is a popular piece of equipment for volleyball players, as it can be worn during games and practices. Although they are small and relatively thin — as they need to fit inside of the shoe — good braces can do wonders for balky ankles. 

Ankle braces work by tightly wrapping around the area, giving the player increased stability. They can generally be adjusted, for the player needs to tie them to put them on. Another important feature is that they do not decrease flexibility. What point is there to wearing an ankle brace if it is going to inhibit a player’s performance on the court? With stability and a full range of motion, this piece of gear is a solid option.

Not only do ankle braces help prevent sprains and strains from happening in the first place, they also help the healing process if the player already has an ankle injury. A good brace prevents the injury from worsening, while also decreasing the need for anti-inflammatory medication. Whether a player’s ankles are healthy or injured, ankle braces are always a smart investment. 

Knee Braces

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Knee braces are another good piece of equipment for volleyball players looking to stay healthy. Similar to ankle braces, these babies help keep your knee healthy throughout a game or practice. 

When a player wears a brace on the knee, it receives support from either side, usually through some sort of hard, rod-like flexible inserts. The key is to avoid any unnatural movements that can damage important ligaments like the meniscus, ACL and MCL. A knee brace helps a volleyball player stay away from this, while also granting full flexibility.

The knee brace is good for both injury-prevention and recovery. It is simply a good tool to ensure that the many ligaments and tendons in the knee remain at or close to full strength, something that is ever-important to a successful volleyball player.

Supports and Sleeves

Supports and sleeves accomplish much of the same ends as braces do. They are aimed toward keeping the ankle or knee healthy while maintaining full functionality on the court. However, these pieces of equipment accomplish that purely on compression.

Compression works by increasing blood flow to an area, which helps reduce pain, swelling and risk of injury. The tightness surrounding the knee or ankle forces more blood to be pumped, helping the muscles function at a higher rate. While supports and sleeves may not be as equipped as braces at preventing or healing serious injuries, they are a good way to boost a player’s performance through increased blood flow to important areas. 

Stay on The Court


There is nothing worse than being sidelined due to an injury. With your team and coaching staff counting on you, your body simply did not cooperate, putting the whole season in jeopardy. Why not take the extra precaution to stay at your best for the whole year?

Ankle braces, knee braces and supports/sleeves are a great way for volleyball players to protect their ankles and knees. These are two of the most commonly injured areas in the sport, making it imperative to give them extra attention.  Volleyball braces help a player take care of these joints, ensuring he or she can continue to produce on the court for the team. 



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