Almost Ski Season! The Benefits of Wearing Knee Braces Down the Slopes

Almost Ski Season! The Benefits of Wearing Knee Braces Down the Slopes

With the winter season approaching, those who love to partake in winter activities are surely getting excited about all of the fun to be had. Hitting the slopes is one of the most popular activities for people in snow-covered regions, but it’s always important to ensure the safety of one’s self and everyone around before heading down the mountain.

While skiing can certainly be a very enjoyable sport for individuals of all skill levels and ages, it can also become dangerous very quickly. A combination of the outdoor elements, speed, and stamina all have to do with skiing injuries every year. It’s important that people are prepared when they head out onto the hill. It has been reported that there is an average of 40 catastrophic and 50 fatal injuries in skiing each year, with many of the most common skiing injuries occurring in the knees, shoulders, and head.

If you’re planning to hit the slopes this season but you want to protect those commonly-injured areas, sports braces may be able to add some extra protection and support. If you want to keep your knees performing at their best, the following are some of the benefits of wearing knee braces down the slopes.

Increased Stability

One of the main benefits of wearing knee braces when you’re skiing, is that they offer added stability. Because the feet are locked into position, a lot of the movements required to change direction and carve down the hill must be transferred to the knees.

These movements from side to side and up and down are not normal movements for the kneecaps to perform on their own, and often injuries are a result of a lack of strength and support. The strain on the knees can be partially relieved, however, with the use of a knee brace. There are a wide range of knee braces for skiing, which are designed to provide added stability both medially and laterally.

Added benefits of a quality knee brace for skiing include the ability to keep the patella in place, to provide added compression, and to reduce any pain symptoms without sacrificing performance.

Helpful for Arthritis

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Those who suffer from arthritis of the knees may also find benefit from wearing various knee brace designs. Arthritis can be a very painful ailment that can often flare up in colder weather and long bouts outside, so it might be advantageous to invest in a knee brace for arthritis to ease symptoms while you ski.

The unique designs of these knee braces help to provide added compression around the affected area, while also promoting blood flow to the area. Skiers can choose from a range of brace styles that work to improve comfort and functionality while decreasing any pain or discomfort during activity.

Protect Previous Injuries

Not only are knee braces ideal for preventing injury, but they can also be help protect previous injuries from re-occurring. If you’ve experienced any sort of knee injury, surgery, or rehabilitation in the past, there are certainly benefits to wearing a post-operative or rehabilitative knee brace to keep the area safe and supported.

Depending on the type of injury previously experienced, wearing a knee brace may help to relieve some of the symptoms and pain left over. With customizable hinges and sizes, skiers can easily find a brace that helps relieve pressure or pain from a specific area so that they can tackle the slopes as they normally would.

Preventative Measures

Not all injuries are created equal, and not all injuries can be avoided. Many of the problems that skiers face have to do with a number of factors on the hill including weather, experience, obstacles, exhaustion, and experience of those around them.

If you want to get out on the slopes but you’re also aware of the potential dangers, then you may benefit from wearing a knee brace for preventative measures. A more basic knee brace design can offer all-around compression of the knee, which will encourage the ligaments and joints to stay in place. A quality knee brace will also offer high-end materials that encourage proper warmth and breathability, as well as comfort and increased stability.

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Make this season on the slopes your very best yet by taking the right precautions and being prepared. Even if you’re a seasoned vet when it comes to skiing, unforeseen obstacles can be found all the way down the mountain and it’s important to protect yourself. If you want to protect a previous ailment or prevent injuries from occurring this season, consider a knee brace to help you get down the slopes safely all season long.