7 Ways to Treat Neck Pain

7 Ways to Treat Neck Pain

Neck problems are an unfortunately common type of ailment, but there’s a surprising lack of information out there on how to deal specifically with neck pain. The health of your neck determines everything from flexibility in your spine to motor skills in your hands, so keeping it in good shape is vital not just for sports but for many other aspects of life as well.

At SportsBraces.com, we get it. That’s why we have put together this guide to seven neck pain treatments that will have you back on the field in no time. As always, check with your doctor beforehand if you think your neck may have a serious problem, and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have a story of neck pain relief you’d like to share!

1. Medications

Simple pain relievers and anti-inflammatories are a great way to get it back into shape quickly -- as long as you’re also reducing the strain you put on your neck. Even if it doesn’t solve the problem outright, pain medication will help other neck pain treatments work more effectively as well. Your doctor might also prescribe muscle relaxants or other more comprehensive pain relievers if Ibuprofen isn’t cutting the mustard.

2. Exercise

There are some simple stretches you can do each day, like shoulder rolls and tucking your chin to your chest and back, that will help restore flexibility to your neck. These stretches are painless to pull off and can be implemented throughout your daily routine. That said, this type of neck pain treatment is best applied right after waking up or getting out of a hot shower.

3. Physical Therapy

Sometimes everyday stretching isn’t enough to whip your neck back into shape on its own, and that’s when your doctor might recommend visiting a physical therapist. There are as many different types of physical therapy in the world as there are injuries that can happen to a person, but the goal of every routine is to not just restore mobility but to strengthen your muscles and establish good habits. Ask your doctor to recommend a good physical therapist in your area.

4. Traction

Traction is a type of neck pain treatment that uses weights and pulleys to gently stretch your neck and work out the kinks in your nerves. Some traction setups are used to treat back pain as well, and it’s becoming an increasingly common way for people to fight pain and restore flexibility. In conjunction with the three methods listed above, traction might be a great way for you to kick your troublesome neck pain to the curb.

5. Massage

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If you’ve been looking for an excuse to pamper yourself and work some quality neck pain treatment into your schedule while you’re at it, you might be happy to know that a massage is a great way to accomplish both at once. A deep tissue massage will adjust the nerves in your neck and shoulder back into proper working order, and it makes for a great baseline for other treatment methods to start working their magic on as well. Let your masseur know you’ve been having neck trouble and they’ll be able to work you over with just the right amount of pressure to help soothe what ails you.

6. Steroid Injections

A doctor will sometimes recommend this form of neck pain treatment if nothing else seems to be doing the trick. These injections typically go into the base of the spine or into your neck muscles, and while a lot of people obviously don’t want to be in a 10-mile radius of anyone with a needle, this can be a way to knock neck ailments out of the park for good. It isn’t one of the more fun ways to go about getting rid of your neck pain, but thankfully it’s rarely necessary and usually reserved as a last resort.

7. Braces and Collars

Braces and collars are great ways to not just reduce neck pain, but to keep it from occurring in the first place. Slipping one of these on as soon as you start to feel soreness or burning in your neck, or even just putting one on after games or other strenuous activities, can go a long way toward ensuring you never have to spend money and time on more unpleasant or inconvenient forms of neck pain treatment. Neck contours, reusable thermal neck wraps and ice therapy braces are all effective, comfortable and affordable ways to get fast relief and efficient prevention.

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