3 Steps to Help You Find the Right Knee Brace

3 Steps to Help You Find the Right Knee Brace

What is the Best Knee Brace for Me?

It’s a question that knee pain-sufferers ask frequently until they find a comfortable brace that offers the right type of support. Knowing how to choose the right knee brace starts with understanding why you need the product. Learning how to buy a knee brace that offers the correct, much-needed support is easy if you break the process down into three simple steps.

1. Match Your Condition to the Types of Braces Available

Because some knee braces are designed to treat certain conditions — such as sprains, dislocations, and patellar tendonitis — it’s ideal to know your knee’s specific ailment. This may require a visit to a doctor or a physical therapist, and it may require a knee imaging test. The tradeoff is that you can select a brace the offers the best support for your specific condition.

Once you understand exactly what your knee condition is, you’ll want to match your condition with one of the basic types of knee braces available:

Hinged Braces

Hinged braces are a good option for anyone who requires stabilization and protection following surgery or serious injuries, such as ACL or MCL tears. The hinged design helps you avoid hyperextending your knee while providing the necessary support to encourage healing. For mild conditions, you may opt for a soft fabric hinged brace; for more serious conditions, consider a rigid hinged knee brace for more protection and stability.

Wrap-Around Braces

Wrap-around braces provide support for patella instabilities or patella dislocation. The wrap design makes these braces easy to put on and take off, and also allows for adjustment to the degree of compression. These are ideal for mild to moderate conditions.

Compression Sleeves

Those suffering from chronic knee pain, including arthritis, may want to consider compression sleeves and braces. These are typically designed for extended wear periods and are sleeker and made with lightweight materials. The compression helps to reduce pain and inflammation associated with your knee condition.

Knee Bands and Straps

An optimal choice for runner’s suffering from patella ailments, knee bands and straps deliver targeted pressure on the knee to reduce pain with minimal materials. This allows you to continue your running regimen without being weighed down by a bulkier brace.

Custom Knee Braces

For anyone who doesn’t find that the above options suit their needs, a custom knee brace is always an option. This may require having a orthotist or doctor take measurements of your leg and knee to design a brace that specifically addresses your condition.

2. Make Sure It Fits Your Lifestyle

Once you’ve settled on a type of brace –– a soft hinged brace, for example, or a patella strap –– you’ll want to consider how your brace my interact with your lifestyle. If your condition is relatively mild and you plan to continue engaging in sports or other physical activities, you may want to select a lightweight, flexible brace. Are you allergic to any materials, such as latex? Make sure you choose a latex-free knee brace. The good news is, with so many options, there’s a knee brace to match your lifestyle!

3. Consider How Often You’ll Wear the Brace

Some braces are worn for specific activities, such as sports, while others are worn day and night. If you need to wear a brace continuously throughout the day –– from home to school to work and back –– the comfort of the product and how it looks might matter a great deal. If you’ll wear the knee support beneath a sports uniform, a sleek, elastic knee brace that is low-profile may be ideal.

Let SportsBraces.com Assist You

If a knee brace is necessary for your condition, you’re bound to have a lot of questions in addition to “what is the right knee brace for me.?” Whether you need to wear the brace long-term or only until a temporary ailment is resolved, finding the right knee brace will have a significant impact on your quality of life.

At SportsBraces.com, we pride ourselves on being experts in the sports braces industry. It’s why we only carry the highest quality support products from the most trusted brands. Take the tips above into consideration as you explore our wide selection of innovative knee bracing solutions. If you still have questions about which knee brace is right for you or how to buy a knee brace, simply reach out to our customer service team today. We look forward to helping you find the perfect knee brace!

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