"Must Have" Products for Every PT Clinic

"Must Have" Products for Every PT Clinic

One day, I was hired to open a Physical Therapy clinic for a physician-owned practice. I soon realized that I was walking into an empty shell.

After managing PT clinics for 10 years, I had never started a clinic totally from scratch but it was an exciting challenge. I soon realized that finding what I needed all in one place was even more challenging.
physical therapy clinic
I created a list of everything that I needed and soon that list continued to grow as I remembered some items that I had forgotten.  There was much more that was needed then I had originally thought when I first created my list.

I couldn't believe there was no Physical Therapy Clinic Checklist on Google.  To help out my fellow Physical Therapists, I wanted to share the list I created.  Feel free to share or add items in the comments.




The great news is that our clinic has been a great success since our launch.  There are always more products needed depending on the type of clinic you are running.  Again, please feel free to add products to the comments but I believe that this is a great starting point for most outpatient PT clinics.  


Physical Therapist Contributor: Avi J Bregman, PT, MPT

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